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Empire Professional Software

Process Management & Enterprise Resource Planning That Streamlines Business Practices

With configurable and customizable workflows, Empire Professional Software was designed to coordinate and organize complex processes while assisting in the management of engagement strategies, interactions and customer communications. With the objective of streamlining processes, improving profitability and increasing the workflow capabilities of businesses with their customers, Empire Professional Software helps businesses improve their connection to their customers.


Enhanced Business Efficiency
Improved Productivity
Simple Process Management
User Friendly Interface
Real-Time Tracking & Reporting
Resource Management
Projections & Mapping
Implementation & Training
Real-time & Support
Constant Growth & Improvements

What Can You Expect From Us

Take Control of Your Business

Take Control of Your Business

Empire Professional Software brings businesses together, enhancing their ability to organize, configure, structure and implement processes that ensure success!

Bring structure to your business with Empire Professional Software’s proven agile process management and business infrastructure software, enhancing overall performance and communication. Whether you’re looking to organize and enhance your day to day operations, or to connect and coordinate multiple departments to get everyone working toward the same goals, Empire Professional Software never stops working. We provide accessibility and guidance 24/7, ensuring valuable information needed to make the right choices for success is always available.

Strategic Collaboration

Empire Professional Software is designed specifically to help teams perform, increasing communication and inspiring team and individual accountability in every aspect of your business.

Take the guesswork out of your business and bring real-time communication and accountability to your team. Collaborative tools empower your team, enhancing their ability to perform, and bring a level of transparency to your business that’s appreciated at all levels.

Strategic Collaboration

Measurable KPI's

Measurable KPI’s

Empire Professional Software automates business tools, providing coordinated scheduling and lean operational efficiency to enhance day to day operations and overall communication.

Empire Professional Software is designed to be simple. It enhances each department’s efficiency with easy to use digital tools and applications that create impact for your business and streamline processes. Empire Professional Software empowers your team to perform, breaking down operational processes and integrating innovative applications that make working and accomplishing more on a daily basis simple.

Real Time Transparency

Empire Professional Software allows businesses, teams and individuals to work closer than ever. Our web-based, detail-oriented applications keep everyone and every detail on track for success.

Working 24/7, Empire Professional Software is always available to provide up to date details on every aspect of your business. Empire Professional Software reports on and logs every department, team and individual it interacts with, keeping the business informed with accurate, detailed information at all times.

Real-Time Transparency

Team Management

Real-Time Agile Customer Management
Real-Time Agile Customer Management
Empire Professional Software web-based applications come stacked with built-in processes, strategic efficiency tools and workflows that enhance operations and increase your bottom line.

Empire Professional Software empowers your business with integrated communication and customer tracking systems that not only enhances your ability to perform; but tracks, logs and records all information, available conveniently and correctly in one secure location. No matter how your customers prefer to be communicated with, Empire Professional Software has the ability to ensure your processes and communication needs are being met. With instant access to all data and records, Empire Professional Software is the ultimate customer relationship tool for your business. Provide communication and operational transparency to your staff and customers through each step of the process. With configurable support and help desk systems, Empire Professional Software can elevate your website through customer management tools that keep your business in touch.

Real-Time Agile Project Management
Remotely Accessible Portals & Workflows
Internal/External Communication
Remotely Accessible Portals & Workflows
Empire Professional Software empowers businesses with internal and external communication tools that track, record and streamline all aspects of business relationships.

Provide your customers, contractors and every individual in your business process with the secure visibility they need to get the most out of your business offerings. Empire Professional Software strategically enhances your ability to communicate, gather, inquire and record information on your customers. With enhanced and customizable communication tools, your business can define and outline the processes to be followed. Remotely accessible internal and external communication boards, customer portals, help desks and various tunnelling solutions provide configuration abilities to match your business needs. Empire Professional Software two way customer relationship portals and workflows allow your business to not only provide access; but collect data and work directly with your customers on all essential matters in real-time. With collaboration tools at your fingertips, everything including online project management, sales orders and targeting customer affairs becomes quicker and easier.

Resource & Asset Management
Resource & Asset Management
Empire Professional Software comes stocked with complete resource management capabilities, including but not limited to: staff, financial portfolio management, contractors, vendors, project management, accounting, etc. One secure location, with unlimited analytics and reporting.

What better way forEmpire Professional Software to enhance your ability to communicate with customers then to increase your ability to perform.Empire Professional Software was developed with all the tools needed to elevate your business to a new level, entering a real-time collaborative workspace while reducing/eliminating dual entry and providing access to essential information. From sales tracking, to execution, all the way through to communication with the end customer,Empire Professional Software helps you manage it all.

Empire Professional Software can be as much or as little part of the execution and communication process as needed. With our Application Program Interface (API) readily accessible and configurable to match your needs, our software can connect, communicate and integrate with your current software. With so many features and tools for accessing delivery details,Empire Professional Software will help reduce errors, costs and ensure you’re offering customers the most out of working with you.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Detail-Focused Reporting & Analytics
Point of Sale (POS), Invoicing & Accounting
Detail-Focused Reporting & Analytics
Empire Professional Software and CRM applications ensure your business practices, strategies and customer interactions are managed the way you prefer.

With a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Management system (ERP),Empire Professional Software empowers you to track from point of sale all the way through to execution. With all details reportable and tracked, you can offer unique customer logins, customer support and help desk systems that keep your customers and your team in the loop on all interactions. From customer satisfaction, to loyalty programs and sales tracking, Empire Professional Software is designed to help increase your margins and take your business to the next level.

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ROOK Connect

Working with industry partners, ROOK Connect has developed targeted software/ERP solutions that are configured and designed specifically to maximize business efficiency for a specific business sector. With a multitude of business tools and configurable functionality additions, ROOK Connect pre-built software solutions empower you to choose the functionality your business needs and configure each aspect to match your exact requirements. With custom development, implementation and training processes, our team can manage as little or as much of your day to day operational needs as you see fit. Work with us and let our trained professionals help take your business to the next level.

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